Russell Family / Lifestyle Newborn Family Photos

I’m not a huge baby person…probably from growing up the oldest of 10 kids, I’ve always had plenty of babies in the house but I’m a baby person when one of my friend’s has a baby…sweet little RJ came into the world a few weeks ago and he’s seriously the cutest! I’ve been friends with Amanda & Rusty for a couple of years and it’s such a fun thing watching them transition into this new stage of life; being parents! 

Babies always are a reminder to me of how real our God is…we were sitting on the couch and Amanda was holding RJ sleeping in her lap & I was amazed at how just a few days before, he was in her and how God had created him just so. It’s also so cool to see how God prepares you for the next season and provides you the strength you had no idea that you even had. 

I can’t wait to watch RJ grow up and be one of Mom’s friends that always embarrassingly reminds him of how cute he is ;)  Congratulations Rusty & Amanda!