Melissa & Dave // PA Engagement Session

Melissa & Dave’s engagement session was a breath of fresh air for me. Melissa had sent me an email a few months ago & from the first couple responses, I knew they were a special couple. I love hearing the how they met stories & theirs is so cute. Melissa sent Dave a friend request on FB one day when he showed up with mutual friends (I think it was mainly because she thought he was cute;) ) and Dave accepted it but realized he didn’t know this girl, but decided to send her a message (also mainly because i think he thought she was cute ;) ) She lived in Clarks Summit & he was in Long Island but he happened to be coming into town that weekend for Baptist Bible College graduation. He asked her she wanted to get coffee & she agreed…they met at Duffy’s & stayed until closing. That was two years ago & now they’re engaged & can’t wait to get married in December! It’s been long distance relationship with lots of trips between Clarks Summit & Long Island, but that made the engagement session that much sweeter. 


We started their engagement session walking around Montrose because they like exploring quaint towns & coffee shops. Then made our way out to the country, where they cozied up in the flannels!


So incredibly excited to photograph their wedding in December…I think it’s going to be pretty special!!