Lauren & Kenneth // Married Love in St. Augustine

Lauren & Kenneth met while at college in Hawaii and now they are married and in St. Augustine while Kenneth goes to grad school. After he finishes, they will spend time in Atlanta & Salt Lake City for his clinical…I love how much adventuring they’ve done as newlyweds. 

Lauren greeted me with a big hug as we met & it felt like long time friends, and Kenneth was such a gentlemen to his lady. They cuddled and shared soft kisses together on Vilano Beach at sunset while I photographed them, and it seriously couldn’t have been a better way to end my trip to St. Augustine. 

One of my goals recently has been shifting my focus to do more photo shoots that capture the real couple. Not just the pretty photos but how do I capture what makes them, them. And I feel like this is a shoot that you can see the love and chemistry between them and one day their kids will be able to look at the photos and truly be able to see who their mom & dad were at this point in their lives. 

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