I can't wait for date night! // Guest Post

Married life is wonderful, a wonderful work of art that takes years to perfect. Why not practice? This is why I love date night. Here are three reasons you need to make it a priority to date your spouse. 

1.  Teamwork makes the dream work.  You need to invest in each other. That means one on one time, in conversation.  Sometimes we just enjoy the silence and the presence of each other. Bridget doesn't even find it too creepy when I stare at her! 

2.  Mommy needs a time out.  Dad's and husbands, your wives work hard.  Giving them some time to refresh and recharge, even over dinner and a trip to Target, will help them to feel appreciated, and wanted.  Be intentional about making your spouse know the love that brought you to marriage still remains. While we were dating, I made it a point to always open the car door for Bridget. It became a standard in our relationship.  Sixteen years, and thousands of door openings later, its a simple gesture that reminds us of the commitment we made, and the love that exists. 

3.  You deserve it. Marriage is hard work, it's worth celebrating (more than once a year)!  Creating a masterpiece takes much practice, persistence, and determination.  Date night is an integral piece of the framework of marriage.   

Give it all you got. 

We can do this, together.

Until next time.