A High Five for Pre-marital Counseling!

Today we are inviting Luke Thomas on for a guest post to share a little bit about his thoughts on pre-marital counseling. Around here, we believe in a marriage more beautiful than the wedding day, meaning we want to see couples & their marriages succeed & continue to flourish long after their wedding day. Yes, we do love the pretty details that wedding days bring out but at the end of the day, you're getting married & that's what is most important. Luke & Bridget are one of those couples that I am friends with on Facebook that seem to be doing the marriage thing right. I reached out to Luke who also has a blog to see if he would mind sharing a little bit about their pre-marital counseling! So without further ado, here's Luke! 


This is Luke & his wife Bridget! 

This is Luke & his wife Bridget! 


Fifteen years ago, I sat starry-eyed in my Dad's office staring at my soon to be wife, Bridget Finch. Our Pastor, my Dad, would soon lead the ceremony that legally bound us husband and wife. As a pre-requisite to the ceremony, he asked that couples completed pre-marital counseling, even for his children!  So there we sat, nervous and excited, and looking back, so glad we did. Here's five good reasons you should consider pre-marital counseling.

1. Communication is key!  No better way to show your future spouse you care about them, and want to know them more intimately. Take initiative towards better communication. It should be cleared up prior to the wedding day which way the TP is to come off of the roll.

2.  Trust. Making yourself more vulnerable, especially in front of a third party, will take your confidence in your spouse to a whole new level. 

3. Self-Assessment. You will be forced to answer the question, "why do I want to marry this person?," in multiple ways. It's much more complex than, "because I love them!" Getting to know yourself better will help identify strengths and weaknesses and will help you to love your spouse better (as long as you communicate it to them, see #1). 

4.  Finances. Who likes to talk about money? Not a hot-topic in all of the wedding hub-bub, but an essential topic to try and curb future conflict. Our pre-marital counseling taught us about budgeting, and it laid a good groundwork for conversations to understand where our opinions stood regarding finances. We dated for seven years, and had never, ever, spoke about it.

5. Wedding Planning. Being that our Pastor was our pre-marital counselor, he also helped us plan and organize our wedding ceremony. It was refreshing to know that we had someone else in our corner to help us in ironing out the details.  Wait, who are we kidding, to help Bridget iron out the details.

As I like to say, "we can do this, together." Pre-marital counseling offers you the opportunity to get together on things that you may not "be together" on already.  Taking the time to invest in each other through pre-marital counseling can yield priceless benefits when the "I do" becomes "I did."

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