Vendor Love // East Light Visuals

Wedding videography is becoming more and more popular. There’s nothing quite like being able to watch your special day filled with all your loved ones in one room, the dance moves, the sweet glances, or listen to your vows over and over. You could ask any married couple and they would most likely tell you that their wedding day went by in a blink of an eye. Brides spend months planning every last detail and it goes by way too fast. Afterwards, you are only left with memories and the photography (& video) to help you remember. 

As a photographer, you would think that I wouldn’t be a fan of videographers but it’s quite the opposite! Wedding day photography and videography go hand in hand and I always encourage brides to do both! I even tear up when I watch wedding day videos from my couple’s weddings, there’s just something so special about getting to see it in a professional video. 

My friends, Alex & Cory, just launched their new business, East Light Visuals, a video production company! 2016 was their first year doing wedding videos and they produced some beautiful quality & emotional films for their clients. They are based out of Lynchburg, VA, where they both went to Liberty University for a Communications Major, although they both grew up here in Northeast PA. Alex & Cory both love adventuring and exploring new places so are up for traveling anywhere on the East Coast for weddings. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work with them for several videos in the past for the business, the latest being my promotional film and I couldn’t be more excited with the results. For any fellow business owners out there thinking about a promo film, I would send them an email! They took my random ideas and visions and put it into action. Storytelling is their strength and I love that you can see a story in each of their films. 

You can view more of their work on their website, or follow along on Instagram or Facebook