Dear Little Brother on your 18th Birthday,

Dear little brother, 

I cannot believe you are 18 years old, it seems like it was just a few months ago when you were a crazy, naughty little boy. As you get older, I am shocked at how much you have matured. I cannot wait to see the man you will be. Every day it seems you grow another inch! My advice to you during this time of growth and change is to never become ok with where you are. Continue to grow, to ask questions, and explore all that there is to learn. Above all this, remember to laugh and don't take yourself too seriously once in a while. 

I hope you know I’m sorry. I am sorry for the times I yelled at you. I am sorry for the times I tattled on you or got you in trouble. I’m sorry for the times I wasn’t a great big sister to you. I hope you know that I truly wish I could take those moments back. 

I want to know that I’m always going to act like your mom. Yes, I know I'm just your sister and you already have a mom but I will forever be your second mom. So just know you can always count on me for my great advice you love so much, unsolicited hugs, and those looks of "I told you so". 

I love how you never lack ideas or have fear of trying those ideas, from the time you were little you, you've always been the first one of us to yell to the audience "WATCH THIS". You didn't care if there was a (very good) chance of getting hurt or breaking something, you just went for it. Try to think more before you do that now, but never be afraid of trying something new. 

It makes me smile to watch you tinker with things. I still see you as that little 10 year old who would take every thing apart but now you're getting better at putting things back together. Dad is so proud of you, I can see it in his eyes and I know he is excited to get to work with you. Remember you're both stubborn, so let him win sometimes. One day you'll realize how blessed you are to have parents like our mom and dad! 

My favorite thing is to see how you love your little sisters. I'm crying as I write this (shocking I know!) but seriously, don't ever stop showing them how a man treats a lady. They look up to you and love when you spend time with them playing dolls or helping plant their gardens. Even though they pretend they don't, they like their crazy nicknames you've given them. 

Wherever God takes you in this life, don't ever forget these things:

1. Call Mom and tell her that you love her and you're safe. You'll always be her little boy and she won't ever stop worrying about you. It's better to call her so she's not worrying as much. 

2. Treat everyone with love and respect. 

3. It's better to be late than pulled over or dead. Don't drive so crazy. Slow down. 

4. Read books. Now that you'll be graduating soon, you won't be forced to read so many books but be sure to pick up one up once in a while. 

I love you more than you'll ever know Mason. You're one of my best friends, I can't remember life without you & I don't want to. I will always be here for you, no matter what.