Calligraphed Invitation Envelopes 101

Hi all! This is Sarah, the hand behind Flourish Grace Calligraphy. I run a contemporary calligraphy studio here in Northeastern, Pennsylvania. Envelope addressing is one of the most popular things we do and what I would like to tell you more about today. 


Your beautiful calligraphed invitation envelope will be the very first thing your wedding guest will see, and, as we know, first impressions count! In the digital era we live in, so accustomed to our Word fonts, imagine the surprise when opening your mailbox to find a beautiful hand scripted envelope! How to brighten your whole day! It really is a small detail, but it makes a big and lasting impression!

Our envelope calligraphy is tailored to coordinate with your invitation theme and overall wedding vibe. Here at Flourish Grace we offer five unique scripts, The Sophisticated (traditional copperplate), The Elegant (a traditional flourished script), The Modern, The Lovely, and The Rustic. We also offer specialized ink colors, Metallic inks are fantastic and produce such a unique, and sparkly surprise to the receiver. Inks can be custom mixed to match your wedding color palate and of course, black ink is always available for the traditionalist! 

If you are considering booking a calligrapher, do so in advance. There are only a few of us, so we tend to book fast and since everything is done by hand there is a limited number of clients we can take at a time. A normal turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the order. Booking early will guarantee you a date for your order, only a small deposit is needed to hold the date for you. 

The average rate for a calligrapher using pointed pen ranges from $2-$7 per envelope, depending on font and ink choices, and the training level and location of the calligrapher.

To view more of Sarah's work & to get in touch, visit her website: