Salt Springs State Park, Pennsylvania Elopement / Madie & Cameron

THEY’RE MARRIED!!! I want to shout it from the rooftops…my friend is a married woman!!! WHAT!! Madie & Cameron promised each other forever in front of their parents, siblings, grandparents and a few close friends on Sunday and what a sweet moment that was!! 

For the past month, it’s been our little (ok BIG, so hard to keep) secret that Madie & Cameron were going to get married on July 8 instead of September 23! Madie & her mom Sarah were busy bees getting everything planned for the small ceremony…all while having to keep it a secret from everyone else! I love that it was just their little secret & they could revel in the moment! Honestly, I am surprised that we all made it a whole month without spilling the beans…there were some close calls but everyone did it! 

On Sunday morning, Madie & Cameron went to church just like a normal Sunday…then Hunter & I took Madie out to breakfast (Bingham’s pie for breakfast is acceptable on a wedding day right?!) before heading back to her house to start getting ready. Jessica was there to do hair & makeup while Cameron & Greg hung out before the first look! Madie was in her own world all morning but as it got closer to the first look, she was glowing. From her parent’s bedroom window, she saw Cameron pull into the driveway and we seriously had to hold her back from just running out to hug him! She had to get her dress on first!! Their first look in Madie’s childhood home front yard was so sweet…they didn’t want to let go of each other! 

We went to Salt Springs for some photos before their ceremony at the barn at Salt Springs. It’s hard to describe the feeling of pure joy having your childhood friend in front of your camera with her HUSBAND!! It was such an honor to get to be a part of their day and capture their love. 

Their ceremony included handwritten vows to each other, a special foot washing ceremony, special music played by Cameron’s sister & sung by Jess & Greg…and of course lots of tears from everyone in attendance! 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Barnes!! xo