Do I Need Yearbook Photos AND Senior Photos?


You’re finally a senior!! (Or to all the parents reading this, you have a senior & your emotions are all over the place!) So now what? You are being bombarded with a list of things that need to be done…visit colleges, get senior photos taken, apply for scholarships, make sure you take the SAT’s, it’s never ending! 

We get many emails and messages from parents with questions about senior photos so today I wanted to talk about one of the most popular that we get. Do you take yearbook photos? What is the difference between a yearbook photo and the full senior portrait experience? It’s a simple yet complicated answer, so here we go! 

The simple answer is yes, we do take yearbook photos. But the complicated part of that is that each school requires a different thing. For instance, some schools require a studio portrait for the yearbook whereas others let the student use any photo as long as it’s taken with a non distracting background and from the shoulders up. Usually the schools that require the studio portrait have an agreement set up with the studio they want you to use for that photo. You would make an appointment and go in for a quick session for that one yearbook photo. For schools that allow any photo, we would be able to get several options for you to choose from during your senior portrait session. 

The senior portrait experience is not about just getting that one photo for the yearbook, it is a full session that captures the senior in their element, who they are right now before heading into the big world. We have 3 different packages to choose from ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of experience you are hoping for. The 30 minutes is for those looking for a few beautiful photos of you & one for the yearbook. The one hour is that happy middle of getting to have a few outfit changes, maybe even 2 locations, you’ll get your yearbook photo plus alot of photos of just you being you! And the 2 hour session is our luxury package for those who want the full blown senior portrait experience! This gives you the opportunity to change outfits, locations, get professional hair & makeup done, and feel like a model for the day! 

So yes, we do offer yearbook photos in our senior portrait packages but it’s way more than just that one photo for the yearbook! And to take something off your to-do list & make your life a little easier, we send the yearbook photo right into the school after you choose it! 

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