Madie & Cameron / Montrose Engagement Session

Madie and I have been friends since I was 5 and she was 2…well our families met then and our parents became best friends so we were forced to hang out with each other a lot. It’s crazy to think back on all of the memories we’ve shared together, the crazy things we have done, the tears, the joys, the hard stuff. Hunter is sandwiched right between Madie & I in age so we have this sister bond that is hard to describe. Some of the best memories I have of growing up with Madie are when we were in those preteen years and would lay on our beds, dreaming up crazy things, talking about boys, crying because our parents were so mean (we love all of our parents now but those teen years were rough ha), and laughing till we cried because we thought we were hilarious. 

I honestly can’t really think about it without tearing up but now I need to start preparing a speech to give at her wedding because she found that boy we’ve dreamed of, prayed for and anxiously waited for!! My best friend is getting married!! AH! That boy just happens to be Cameron…and their love story is such a sweet one where you can see God’s hand so evidently working. 

Their story started last spring when one of Madie’s teachers at school asked Cameron to play his guitar & sing at her graduation…and then a few weeks later they both went on a missions trip to Guatemala with Bridgewater Church. Madie went to the Montrose campus and Cameron to the Hallstead campus so they didn’t know each other, other than the meeting at graduation. By the end of the missions trip, their was a little crush between them and the Saturday after they returned home, Cameron took her out on a date. They went to Salt Springs and ended up sitting on a bench, talking for hours…and within a few weeks, they were officially dating. As any friend or older sister would feel, I wasn’t too sure of this Cameron guy at first. But when I saw how happy he made Madie, I couldn’t help but at least give him a chance. 

This past year has been a whirlwind for Madie, her fall consisted of lots of dates with the cute boy and December brought a huge life change of buying a business, and then a proposal and now getting married soon! It’s been such a fun blessing to get to see how God brought Cameron into her life at His perfect timing and how He had been preparing them both for this. They are one of those couples you feel like has been together forever, they drive each other crazy sometimes but you can just see the care & love between them. 

This past Sunday we took their engagement photos and I think it really hit me what a blessing and honor it is to be able to use my gift for my friends. It’s such a special opportunity to spend time with my loved ones and give them something they will be able to cherish forever. Madie, I love you and I am so proud of you! Cameron, thank you for loving Madie and making her the happiest she’s ever been. 

I can’t wait to stand by you on your wedding day and get to be a cheerleader for the rest of your lives together!!