Silvia & Rob / 2 Year Anniversary Paint War / Vestal, NY

I seriously just hope & pray that my marriage one day is as fun as this one! Rob & Silvia are hands down the one of the coolest couples I've had the opportunity to was such a blast! These two got married two years ago in Jamaica and we had a fun paint war to celebrate their anniversary! I love that these photos capture how fun & playful their relationship is...they were kissing, slapping each other's bums, and laughing the whole time! And I could tell this is just how they are, they truly are each other's BFF's and love getting to do life together! 

We laughed over the fact that during engagement sessions, everything is still all cute & sweet where as anniversary sessions it's more real life of "hey babe, you're drooling, wipe your face" hah! When I asked them how they met, Rob immediately said he told her from the start that she was too good for him, but she was committed and loved him for him! Silvia just giggled and shook her head, she was smitten and still is smitten! 

Enjoy looking into our fun photo shoot! Be sure to keep the playfulness alive in your relationship!!