Kelsey & Ryan / Liberty University Love Story

It was Kelsey's first day freshman year at Liberty University and she went with her roommate to a worship time led by her roommate's cousin. She met Ryan there that night & they both had piqued the other's interest. Soon after, they went on their first date to get ice cream which is Kelsey's favorite & the rest is history!

They couldn’t stop smiling at each other as they took turns telling me their story! You can see God’s hand in their story starting with guiding them both to Liberty University even though it wasn’t where Ryan thought he’d end up. He put them both at the same worship night, He helped them work through the next couple weeks of bumps and feelings and He’s continued to bless their relationship! It’s so cool to get to see how their love for each other reflects their love for Christ! 

They head back to Liberty University this week but we squeezed in time for their engagement photos before they head back to Virginia to finish up their business & nursing degrees!

Kelsey & Ryan were amazing throughout their engagement photos, they giggled, twirled in delight and couldn’t keep their eyes off each other! Their favorite thing to do when they both have a free day is to go hiking…and Virginia has the best spots of that! We didn’t do any hiking during their photos but did try to find some mountain views to make them feel more at home! :) 

Cannot wait for their wedding next Spring at The Barn at Glistening Pond…it’s going to be so beautiful!