Nicole & Doug / Wilkes-Barre, PA Engagement Session

These two are one of those couples that you can just tell they are best friends within minutes of hanging out with them! Doug & Nicole first met each other at a friend's party where the first interaction was Doug telling her to get out of his way...then she caught his attention & he took her out on a date...but then he didn't call back for 2 weeks which had Nicole worried! Even though it was a slow start, they are now best friends & getting married next year at Whitewoods Weddings. 

Nicole had said in her email that Doug makes her a better person and I watched Doug quietly watching out for her throughout the engagement session starting with his relaxed demeanor at the beginning to knowing right where she had set her shoes. I walked away from their engagement session smiling and feeling like I just made new friends! We were laughing hysterically by the end...I know their wedding day is going to be amazing!