Find "Your Person" for the Wedding Day!

9am the morning of your wedding arrives and you have to get your hair & makeup done but there’s still stuff that has to get done…what are you supposed to do? Your mom and bridesmaids are with you getting all dolled up, the guys aren't the first people you'd trust with the final touches of decorating…this is when your person comes into play. 

We’ve seen weddings with and without a person and we can tell you the weddings that have the go-to person result in a much more relaxed bride! 

Your person on your wedding day is someone you can trust with finishing up details, running to the store to pick up lunch, or helping the guys get their bouts on before photos. They are your right hand girl who is organized and is willing to help with whatever you need! She will step in where needed, you can call her and know that it will get done! They can be the contact person day of for vendors who need to know where to set up (caterer, DJ, rentals, etc) 

Of course you're thinking, well I thought my bridesmaids were my right hand girls on my wedding day…and that’s true but your bridesmaids will be by your side the entire day! They will helping you get in your dress, carry your flowers and have a tissue ready for when you see your groom so they wont be able to go on errand runs! 

So who should your person be? Is there an aunt or cousin who would be willing to help? Or a friend from church who is great at organizing events? Ideally it would be someone who is already invited to the wedding and would be able to come a couple hours earlier to help. Once the reception time comes, everything is taken care of & they can enjoy the wedding too! 

Most people would be honored that you're trusting them enough to ask, remember, it's ok to ask for help sometimes!