#1 Reason Why You Should Print Your Photos!

One of my favorite things to do is pull out the dozens of photo albums that we have stashed in the office and living room. There’s ones from our childhood, our parents wedding and even their baby books! There’s something special about being able to flip through the pages and reminisce about all the memories. We live in a digital age where all our photos are stored on our iPhones or laptops and very rarely get printed. Right now, it might not seem like a big deal because we can flip through our iPhones and see them, same thing right? 

Well, what happens when your phone breaks and you cant recover all those photos? What happens in 10 years when technology has completely changed again and your old phone or laptop is forgotten..so are all your precious photos. 

I want to encourage you to print your photos…you can get 9cent 4x6 prints from snapfish and order an album like this from Amazon to put them all in. Print photos for your wall. Print photos to share with grandparents and friends. I grew up with photos on the fridge and going to friends houses and loving to look at the photos on their fridge. Have you noticed how that doesn't really happen anymore? Share your photos! 

Here’s what I recommend: 

  1. Each month sync your phone and computer or download all the photos from your camera on to your computer. 
  2. Get a backup system in place. I use external hard drives and an online cloud system (Amazon is great for this too!) Back those photos up!! 
  3. Upload photos to your choice of online printing (I love Snapfish for our personal photos) 
  4. Order them!! When they come in, write the year on the back of the photo and put into the album! 

This is just an easy way to stay on top of the printing and it becomes part of your routine instead of it being a huge task! 

Printing your photos means that you are leaving a part of history for your great grandkids to find in the attic one day!