Mr. & Mrs. Owens // Creekside Grove, Clarks Summit PA Wedding

We sat at her parent’s dinner table on Wednesday night, going over the wedding timeline, saying the most ridiculous puns, and just chatting. I drove home that night & smiled because I could see how happy they were, I saw Joe, the guy I’ve been friends with for most of my life, the guy who said he’d never get married as we grew up, the guy who was my best friend, I saw him happier than I had ever seen him before. The way they looked at each other, the way they could finish each other sentences, the way Brit rolled her eyes at yet another one of Joe’s jokes but then gave it right back to him, so happy, so in love. 

As I was thinking about this blog post, I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around how I could possibly put my feelings into words. I just can’t find a way to do this day justice in a few paragraphs. However, there were some special moments of the day that I never want to forget, and I want to share them with you! 

Friday morning was spent getting hair done with some pizza for lunch before the big moment of getting in the dress!! It was a gorgeous cinderella dress, it sparkled in the sunlight and fit her like a glove…as if seeing her in it wasn’t enough to make her momma, sister, and I cry, we were really in for it watching her read the letter Joe wrote to her. Each wedding day has “the moment” where it all becomes real and that moment for Brittany was reading the letter & walking out into the kitchen to see her girls and seeing her Dad waiting for her outside. Cue the tears & hugs! 

Joe arrived at Creekside Grove, right outside of Clarks Summit, PA, wearing his favorite camo hat and his guys helped fix his hair before heading to get ready for his first look. Those few minutes as we stood out in the field waiting for Brittany to come out were so special. Joe’s like my big brother that I never had and seeing him in tears and the excited nerves to see his bride was such a special thing. He doesn’t let his guard down very often and was sure to remind everyone throughout the day through his tears that he gets hurt all the time & never cries! Their first look was so sweet, they couldn’t let go of each other! He loved her hair & she twirled around for him to get the full effect of her sparkly dress. 

Portrait time with them was full of laughter and I loved every minute of it! The lighting was so dreamy, they were adorable, and having the first look & that time together eased their nerves! We brought the bridal party out for some photos before getting to relax for a bit before guests started arriving. The girls were tucked away in the garage and a few minutes before the ceremony, a group gathered to cover the couple in prayer. Joe couldn’t let go when it was time for him to go out to the ceremony and it is one of my favorite photos because you can just feel the emotion through it! 

They said “I do” and walked down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. Owens with bubbles floating around them and smiling ear to ear! The rest of the evening was spent celebrating with their family & friends, a heart felt toast was made by the best man & a precious dip at the end of the first dance deserved a big cheer! I loved how the details of the day were meaningful and well thought out. Brittany loves fresh flowers so there were lots of them & then some wood details that Joe made. Their little nephew was the star of the dance floor and had everyone laughing & enjoying themselves! Everyone sent them off on their honeymoon with a sparkler exit & lots of big hugs! Their wedding day was a dream. From the details, to the emotion, to the setting, and the joy that was felt by all, it couldn’t have been more amazing. 

I can’t put into words how special it was to get to photograph this wedding & get to be a part of their day! Love you guys & can’t wait to see you when you get home this weekend!



Dress: The Darling Dress, Scranton PA 

Venue: Creekside Grove