Lindsay & Ian / Eagles Mere, PA Lake Wedding

Eagles Mere is this little lake community tucked into the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania that is home to gorgeous homes and quaint little shops and a little beach where everyone gathers in the summer. When I first talked to Lindsay and her mom Laura, they told me all about Eagles Mere and it felt like a town that you would see in the movies, kids riding bikes to the ice cream shop and neighbors that turn into part of the family. Lindsay & Ian both grew up spending the summer in Eagle’s Mere with their families and had many adventures with their friend group together. They didn’t start dating until they were older but it all started back in the little town during their childhood summers. When it came time to get married, it was a no-brainer that it had to be back in Eagles Mere! 

The closer it got to the wedding, the more excited I got to see everything come together. Renee from Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals had sent me little sneak peeks of the inspiration boards and I knew that it was going to be an amazing wedding! We arrived on the morning of the wedding and as we drove to Lindsay’s parents home, we passed many locals out walking and they all greeted us with friendly smiles and waves! We felt at home immediately! The girl’s had taken over the basement with hair and makeup and the upstairs was bustling with Lindsay’s siblings coming in and out, making sure everything was perfect! Laura helped Lindsay get into her dress while the girl’s finished up downstairs and what a precious moment that was. Lindsay always helps Laura with her shoes and for that day, the tides turned and Laura had the opportunity to help her daughter. The girl’s were so excited to see their bride all dressed up before we headed off to the first look to see Ian! 

First looks are amazing and I love when our couples choose to do them, we’ve never had anyone regret it! We got dropped off at the top of the road and walked down to find Ian standing on the community dock. You could just feel the excitement! Ian couldn't keep his eyes off his beautiful bride and after giving them a few minutes to hug, kiss, and chat…we started doing some romantic bride & groom portraits. It was just the two of them, they didn't have to worry about their bridal parties or families, it was all about them and we always get the best portraits in a situation like that. Our next stop was the beach area where they both were lifeguards growing up and a little walk down memory lane as they showed me around. Lindsay dipped her toes in the sand & water, not a care in the world because her best friend was by her side! 

Their ceremony was on the lakefront and at the end, one of the local pilots flew 2 planes over the ceremony to celebrate. Their guests were able to get some drinks from 13th Street Cocktails (they are amazing!!) as the cocktail hour started. The details in the reception tent were out of this world! Everything was customized, from the water bottles and napkins to the table numbers were names of cottages on the lake. The twinkling lights paired with Forget Me Not’s furniture and details made for lots of oohing & ahhing (by me & the guests!) Dinner was by The Blind Pig from Bloomsburg, PA, all sourced from local farms, so good! 

Then the party really started! A band from Philly got everyone up and dancing! We had the Confetti Photo Booth there and guests got silly with our props in there (and some made it out to the dance floor by the end of the night!) We’ve never seen a celebration quite like this, the dance floor was still full at 11pm when they headed to the afterparty down the road! Young & old alike were tearing up the dance floor and we couldn't stop smiling!