Emily & Kurt // Pennsylvania Engagement Session

Emily & Kurt met because of mutual friends and ending up at the same bar one night to listen to a musical duo. They chatted and exchanged phone numbers that night, then Kurt worked up the courage to text her 2 days later & they got to hang out before Emily had to drive back to school. When her semester was over, they got together again and shared their first kiss in her parent's driveway when he was dropping her off. Emily totally initiated it,  Kurt denies that but I think all that matters is from that point on they were inseparable. Many miles were put on their cars as they made the 2.5 hour drive back and forth between home & college to get to spend as much time together as possible over the next year and a half while Emily finished school. 

 After moving home and settling into their new jobs, they started talking about the next steps...marriage & kids. Fast forward a year. January 2016 they had a little surprise! They were expecting a little bundle of joy! Kurt proposed in the restaurant where they met on April 9, 2016 and Emily of course said yes! Wedding plans were put on hold as they prepared to welcome a little boy into their family in September. 

Well now wedding planning is back on & they are getting married in December 2017 in Scranton!