3 Ways to Get the Most out of the Photo Booth

Photo Booths add such a fun element to wedding receptions or other special events! Even if you have a photographer, the photo booth is going to capture a totally different side of the guests and leave you with photos that will make you smile whenever you look through them. When you give someone a prop, the silly side comes out & makes for some funny memories! I think that is one of our favorite parts here at Confetti Photo Booth, is watching the guards break down & guests start to let loose & get silly. That means we are doing our job & helping bring the fun to the event! 

Once you have your photo booth booked and the planning continues, here are 3 things to keep in mind to ensure you (& your guests) can make the most of the photo booth! 

1. Give us a spot near the dance floor! No, I promise this isn't just because we want to jump in & dance, this is so the people who are on the dance floor barely have to miss a step to enjoy the photo booth. When we are right off the dance floor, people can grab their friends and pop in between songs instead of having to weave through the maze of chairs to get to us in the corner. You will have a lot more interaction if we are close to the party! 

2. Schedule to have us there during cocktail hour. While you are off getting your photos taken, this gives guests something to do while enjoying their pre-dinner drinks! If you decide to use the photo booth as part of your guest book, this makes it easy for everyone to get in the photo booth & write a nice little note before the party starts! This also allows for all the guests to be able to take part in it, maybe even grandma will join in on the fun whereas after dinner when it gets hectic, she might prefer to just stay sitting & watch everyone else enjoy it.

3. Let's work together to create a custom backdrop and or props that will fit your wedding colors or event theme! It doesn't have to be cheesy, we work with a group of stylists & other vendors to create custom set ups that will leave your guests saying WOW! We of course have the standard options you can choose from but if you want your wedding to stand out, doing a custom backdrop setting is a perfect way to do that! The balloon wall with event specific colors is always a favorite as well as the sitting lounge area with a floral wall! 

4. Bonus tip! Be sure that YOU get in it! We totally understand that the wedding day goes by so fast but make sure to grab your new spouse & get in to get silly too! It's worth it, we promise! 

If you are getting married or have an event coming up & don't have a photo booth yet, let's chat over at Confetti Photo Booth!