Making the Getting Ready Part of Wedding Day Easier!

It's the morning of your wedding, after months of planning it's finally here! I hope that you are relaxed and soaking up all the moments of having your best friends all with you as you get your hair & makeup done! This is the time that we as photographer's arrive to start photographing your day. We typically arrive at the location where the girls are getting ready and start with detail shots. 

1. Pick a bright room with ample space to get ready in. It doesn't necessarily have to be the living room, sometimes it's the office or a bedroom that has bigger windows letting in more natural light. We can rearrange furniture to make it work as long as there's lots of natural light! 

2. Clear the room of clutter and distractions. Once you've decided which room has the best natural light, try to clear it of major clutter/distractions. 

3. Have all your details together when we arrive. If your dress, shoes, jewelry, invite/paper goods, flowers, and any other little details are all in the same area, we can get right to photographing them when we get there instead of having to hunt for them! 

4. Leave time to eat & just relax a few minutes. The day is going to fly by and the two things we hear the most is that brides forget to eat and just sit before the craziness of pictures, ceremony & reception happens. 

5. Have all the bridesmaids get ready before the bride gets ready. This ensures that they have ample time to get ready plus it makes the photos of you getting in your dress more cohesive with the rest of the day. When we go to create your album, all of the images flow together. 

6. Give extra time in the schedule for hair & makeup and getting dressed. This is the time of day that always needs more time and that's ok! If we plan for it, then there is no stressing on the day of when we are looking at the schedule. I say scheduling an extra 30-45 minutes more than you think you need is a good buffer. Ask your hair stylist & makeup artist how long they need and then we can chat about how we can leave some wiggle room in the timeline! 

And remember, we are here to help you! It's your wedding day and we want you to feel relaxed and able to enjoy it so don't hesitate to ask us any other questions!