Young & Free / Spring Edition

The Photography by Seneca Young & Free team is for girls ages 11-15 and is all about building self confidence, working as a team to give back to the community, a fun styled photoshoot with Seneca and so much more! Do you remember your junior high days? Those painfully awkward years where peer pressure made it even harder? Yea, I don't think many of us would willingly want to go back to those years but we wanted to create a program to make these years a little brighter for the girls now! We want to come alongside these girls and speak truth & love to them in a world that is shouting lies at them. We want to have fun with them & make them laugh with new friends, just how childhood days should be remembered instead of worrying about how many likes they got on their selfie on Instagram. 

Each Young & Free team is a 3 month program, we meet once a month for a few hours each time in Montrose. We play games, we talk about skin care & makeup, we do a community project and of course we take photos!! Erica from Silently Colorful does an awesome job with giving a lesson on age appropriate makeup which the girls love and I think it's such a valuable life lesson. We partnered with Susquehanna County Interfaith as well to be able to work together on community projects! 

This group of girls was quiet at first but by the end of the photo session they were giggling together and exchanging Instagram's to stay in touch. We had girls from Montrose, Blue Ridge, and even as far as Scranton! 

Our next group will run July-September, so check out the website for more information on how to get your daughter involved!