Ben & Taylor // Waco, Texas

Taylor & I met through an online community called Delight which  is a community of young Christian women ages 16-22 who strive to glorify our Heavenly Father through the creative arts and when I planned my trip to Waco, Texas, she was the first one to send me a message saying she lived there & we needed to finally meet in person! The internet is a wild place but isn't it so neat when it all works out for the good & you get to meet people you would have never met if it weren't for the internet? 

We decided to do a couple session of her & her beau Ben while I was in town and oh my heart are they precious! They took me to one of their favorite places they go to spend time together and it didn't disappoint...the perfect view of the sunset over the river! Taylor's pup came along at the beginning of the session for some pictures and he wrapped them right up with his leash because he was so excited to explore all the new smells. 

These two met because they worked out at the same gym...and their story had me laughing so hard as they told me. I'll let them tell you but let's just say that it involved a little humbling on Ben's part and Taylor was crazy enough to say yes when he asked her out to lunch! They've been together for over a year now and although their schedules don't allow them to work out together much anymore, they are so supportive of everything the other one does! 

As we were finishing the session, Ben pulls out his phone and puts on their song...MY HEART MELTED as I photographed them dancing to it on the riverside. So precious!