7 Tips to Look Your Best in Prom Photos

You've spent hundreds of dollars on a beautiful dress, professional hair & makeup, shoes and now it's your time to shine at prom! You will be in lots of photos to capture this special night so here's some of our tips to make sure you're looking your best in the photos! 

Bold Makeup: Don’t be afraid to have bright lips…more dramatic makeup shows up better in photos, making you look your best (& stand out in the group!) 

Find a Pretty Background:  Stay with simple backgrounds like a wall or fields/nature. If you avoid anything that looks messy behind your, it will make for a less distracting photo with the focus on YOU! 

Play around with the Poses: Standing in one straight line can be boring (& we know you’re anything but boring!) Stagger the group, create different levels, try sitting & standing. Try some different things, some will work and some won't but experiment! 

Up Close and Personal: Sacrifice full body shots to capture everyone’s gorgeous face better for a couple of photos! 

Find Good Light: Any photographer will tell you, good lighting is key. Try to find a spot that has a shaded area so that the sun isn’t in your eyes (no more squinting!) or behind you making you look like sillouttes. Usually along a tree line or on a side of the building you can find some nice soft shade that will give everyone a pretty glow and there won’t be anymore squinting! 

Go Easy on the Editing: Editing apps are fun to play around with and can help make your photos even prettier but don’t go too crazy with them. I use PicTapGo or just the editing on the Instagram app. I usually just brighten and add some contrast and a little touch of warmth to my photos. 

Here's my #1 tip to look your best in any photo: put your weight on the leg that’s furthest from the camera and lean slightly toward the camera. It will feel a little odd but I promise it looks good!


Remember to just have fun with it! You are your own biggest critic, no one else is critiquing every thing about you, everyone else thinks you're beautiful!  Smile & have a wonderful time at prom!