Random Act of Kindness Day // NEPA Waves of Kindness

Our world needs more kindness don't you think? I love the quote "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always." because it's so true, everyone we meet is fighting some sort of battle. We get so caught up in our own lives and troubles and even joys that we forget to invest in other people. It's not about doing some grand gesture but instead integrating little actions into your every day life and then they will become a habit. Think about how different our world would be if everyone was encouraging and thought about others for even 5 minutes a day. 

On the first of every month we are going to promote #NEPAwavesofkindness, an opportunity & a reminder for everyone to spread a little love! Each month we will highlight a different way you can do that and we might even share about how some of our neighbors are doing it to give you some inspiration. This idea blossomed from a mixture of things...one being a week of Random Acts of Kindness movement by Rising Tide Society and wanting to bring some of that to Northeast PA! It started with me brainstorming about ways for my model groups to get involved in the community (more on that coming soon!), I realized I wanted to use this as a way for our whole little community to get involved! 

Tomorrow, March 1, will be the first #NEPAwavesofkindness day! 

Our challenge for you is to... write someone a note to encourage them or just to say hello. Tell them what you admire about them, write your favorite quote or verse in there, tell them a joke, even a simple "hi I'm thinking about you". It's not about what's inside, it's about taking the time to do it. People love to get snail mail and I guarantee it will bring a smile to their face when they open it! 

So I can hear all the excuses popping up in your head right now... "I don't have their address...I don't have a stamp...Isn't it weird to send mail anymore...". Coming from someone who doesn't like the post office,  I promise you that you will survive a trip to get a stamp & mail it. The mail man won't eat you alive and he actually is really nice! ;) Bonus points if you send more than one!

If you really aren't the type of person to write a note and still want to encourage someone and participate in #NEPAwavesofkindness, send someone a text, genuinely asking how they are doing & offering some love to their day! 

Share this with your friends, let's get everyone involved in making this a happier place! Use the hashtag #NEPAwavesofkindness to share about this or to share that trip to the post office!