Young & Free Junior Models // One

    In a world filled with scary statistics about girls ages 11-15, there is a dire need for a program to help put a stop to poor self-image, self-harm and the feeling of being left out among young girls. Young & Free Models was created for this sole purpose: to build confidence, self-love and acceptance in the next generation. Through fun group and personal photo sessions as well as team projects with other like-minded teens, this program aims to make the "middle school years" a fun and positive experience. Our goal is to provide the girls in Young & Free with an experience that leaves them feeling confident, embracing the unique characteristics they have been given and new friendships that will last a lifetime!

    This was our first group and let me just tell you how amazing each and every one of these girls is! It was a pleasure to get to have a pizza party with them last month and this month we spent a (very early!) Saturday morning together at this photo shoot! We hung out at Erica from Silently Colorful's studio, got a little makeup & hair done, and of course ate some donuts! By the end, we were all laughing and hugging, talking about the next time we get to hang out! 

   If you (or your daughter) is ages 11-15 and want to be involved in our next Young & Free group starting in April, visit our website for more information! We only accept 10 girls at a time and a new group starts every 3 months.