Why to NEVER buy prom dresses online // Seneca's Bridal

We've all been tempted to order the dress online right? We see the flashy ads that show this amazing designer dress for over 50% off the prices in store and it's so hard to pass up! As we head into Prom Season here at Seneca's Bridal, we have already heard too many horror stories than we care to hear. While we are so happy that we are able to help these girls and give them that happy ending, we want to be able to save you from the trouble (& the money) in the first place. Ordering dresses online when the deal seems too good to pass up is ALWAYS a bad idea. 

Why you ask? When the prices seem too good to be true, they usually are. The pictures you are seeing on the website are not actually the dress you are going to get. They are stolen from the designers website to attract you (because of course you would love the designer dresses!) and then they remake the dresses in China that are not good quality and usually pretty horrible. And 99% of the time, these companies aren't going to allow for returns or refunds. So you are stuck with an ugly dress you can't wear and you lost money. 

Instead, go shop local and support the local shops. Local shops can guarantee the quality of dresses because we work in close contact with the designers themselves. The dresses are coming right from the designer warehouses to our shops, taking out the unknown like those online shops have. 

If this hasn't already convinced you that it's not worth risking ordering your prom dress online, take a look at these photos: 

We'd love to help you find your prom dress at Seneca's Bridal in Montrose PA. Our dresses start at $100 and all are under $500. 

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