Dear Mother of the Bride,


A letter to mothers of the brides…tips to make the wedding stress free and easy for your sweet bride!!

Whether you cried happy tears, sad tears, or no tears at all at the announcement of your daughters engagement, I’m sure your mind has not stopped racing.

I am not a mother, so I will not pretend to understand the emotions and duty of a mother. However, I was recently married, so I will write from that perspective, a few things that I believe will keep a mother/daughter relationship intact in the midst of wedding planning.

1. Mend old wounds. If you and your daughter have past hurts that have not been dealt with, they most likely will come up at the worst possible moments. Bitterness has the power to ruin many things, including a wedding.

2. Share your opinions without guilt. If your daughter picks an ivory dress, but you wished she picked white, you have the right to express that to her as her mother. However, opinions and ideas should be spoken guilt free. If you guild her into making decisions she doesn’t want, both of you will regret that later on.


3. Make a budget. If you are paying for the wedding, or portions of it. I highly suggest making a budget. Finances are always awkward, and you can eliminate some of that with a written plan. Be careful not to use your money as a way to get what you want from the wedding. It should be a gift, not a tool.

4. Be present. I can’t even tell you how many times I would completely have a break down and just need my mom, and she was always there. When your daughter is anxious about marriage for any reason, the best thing you can do is be present.

5. Tell her that you love her. She may need to hear it often!


We wish you the best in your new chapter of life with your daughter!

With love,

Amanda from Seneca’s Bridal