Dresses Meant to Be Loved In, Laughed In, & Danced In

Here at Seneca's Bridal we believe dresses are meant to be loved in, laughed in and danced in. We believe the marriage is more important than the wedding day but that every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day! 


What makes shopping at Seneca's Bridal a unique experience? 

1. We are a small, locally owned business. We have a small team who are trained to be your dress stylists and we love what we do. You are a unique person, not just another number like at many bigger bridal shops. 

2. Each bridal appointment is a private shopping experience. You get the whole shop to yourself! We have two dressing rooms, one just for the bride and one for bridesmaids. Our seating area is designed to make everyone feel comfortable and at home, there's a drink station for you, and we will play a custom playlist just for you. 

3. We want to get to know you & help you with whatever we can. Whether that's vendor recommendations or steaming your wedding dress the week of your wedding & giving you one last hug before you become a MRS (!!!), we want to help you. We love getting to hear your story, see your ring, and hear all your plans for the wedding! 


4. We offer wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and tuxedos. We are your one stop shop when it comes to wedding formalwear, and that makes your life less stressful. Just think, you won't have to get a bridesmaids dress to the tuxedo place to match colors with your hectic schedule because we can do it all at the time of ordering bridesmaids dresses. You will only have one contact person when it gets closer to the wedding and you are trying to get information about the tuxedos and dresses! (Plus, we might even have a little discount for anyone who uses all our services!) 

5. We CELEBRATE you! Nothing makes us more excited than to celebrate with a bride who has said YES to the dress! 


All of our bridal appointments are by appointment only, we would love to pick a time for you to come visit us in Montrose! You can call 570-278-4388 or email hello@senecasbridal.com to schedule your appointment!