Escort cards, seating cards, seating charts - Oh My!!

Hi, this is Sarah from Flourish Grace Calligraphy. Today I’d like to talk to you about seating chart options. There are so many unique ways to guide your guests to their seats and I’d like to share a few fun and creative ideas with you. Let’s first talk about the differences between the three seating designation options. 


Escort cards are the most common way to assign guests to their seats. They are typically the first thing your guests will see upon entering the reception area and will set the tone for the wedding. These cards are great, they are an easy way to tie into your theme.  They can be traditional tented cards with a beautiful script, or a more modern design with a unique display. We’ve done tags strung on twine, flags on a toothpick placed in a tiny potted succulent and cards slid into precut slots on a birch log; just to mention a few.  

Seating charts are growing in popularity and a great way to make a statement -  and also save some paper. They can be a graphic design, which would be printed and then framed or mounted, or a hand lettered calligraphy piece. Seating charts are a big part of what we do at Flourish Grace Calligraphy. Some stand out styles we’ve used are: huge vintage chalkboards (shout out to our friends at Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals), vintage mirrors, window panes and large scrolls. Yes, imagine a 10-foot-tall scroll with all of your guest’s names hand lettered; definitely a statement piece your guests will talk about for years to come!

Seating, or place cards, are a way to assign a specific seat to each guest at their table, these are typically used in addition to escort cards and seating charts. Many times, these can be unique additions to your overall table design.  We’ve had brides request things like slate tiles, river stones, and maple leaves to seat their guests- adding an element of design to each table. 

Whatever seating assignment you choose, let your creativity shine! It’s a small detail that makes a big statement about your unique style and personal theme! 

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