St. Augustine // Travel Log

Our trip to St. Augustine was wonderful…it was great to get some sunshine & warm temps in the middle of winter! St. Augustine is one of my favorite places, I love the history, the island vibes, and the southern hospitality. We stayed over on Vilano Beach which is an island right off the coast of St. Augustine in Magic Beach Motel.

We went down to Florida for ELI (Equipping Leader’s International) banquet and annual board/education meetings. ELI is an organization that Mom works with on the education front in Liberia. We got to see our friend Rita who we’ve traveled to Liberia with and meet some new friends as well. 


In our free time during the day on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, we wandered in the downtown historical part of St. Augustine. There’s adorable little shops, historical tours, and good food on every corner. 

Here’s a few of my favorites: 

Declaration Co

This shop we discovered last year when we were here and I spent hours browsing. It’s a husband & wife owned shop, and they do an amazing job curating and creating. All of the branding & packaging is ADORABLE, It makes you want to buy everything in there! 

Harry’s Bar & Grill

This is our favorite spot for dinner, it’s right on waterside and they have twinkling lights outside with a musician playing most evenings. I recommend going at dark to get the full atmosphere. 

Cousteau's Waffle & Milkshake

Delightful Belgian Liege waffles and hand-spun milkshakes abound! | #Cousteaus


On our last evening there, we went to a fish fry at our friend’s, the MacArthur’s place. I’m not a seafood fan at all, but this fish was delicious! Captain Ron gave us his best and it makes me like seafood! 

The trip was the perfect little get away in the middle of January weather in Northeast PA. I've only been back 5 days and I'm already dreaming about another little trip to the sun! 


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