Your dress, and your measurements.


When you find the perfect dress, that fits ALMOST perfectly. You will likely need slight alterations. Don’t worry! I’m here for you.

When you come to Seneca’s Bridal and “say ‘yes’ to the dress”, we will take your measurements and order a dress that best fits them. That being said, we often express that you should expect to need some alterations, because each body is beautifully different. Alterations have received somewhat of a bad reputation, but please know, that alterations are a wonderful way to ensure your dress is perfectly fit to exactly your unique measurements.

So what should you know about getting alterations?

1. Be specific about what you want. If you want it tighter, shorter, or looser, you will want to be very specific to your seamstress about what you want the end result to be.

2. Bring your shoes. If you are wearing a floor length dress, it is crucial that you bring the shoes you plan to wear the day of your event. If you don’t have the specific shoes you are planning on, bring something of the same height, because this can greatly affect the length of your gown.

3. Bring your bra. This is also a crucial thing to determine the proper fit of your gown. You will want to wear the same bra you will wear during your event, to your alteration appointment. This will prevent any buckling, tightness, or (dare I say it) potential slippage.

4. Get alterations based on your “today” body. If you are planning on loosing weight, have a plan that allows you to be at your desired measurements at least a month before your wedding. So when you meet your goal you can get your accurate alterations!

Seamstresses are amazing, and they can do things that I would clearly never attempt. However, they are not miracle workers, and it’s unfair to assume they are. Dresses can seldom be taken out more than 1-2 sizes. They often need a couple months to work on your dress, especially during a busy time of year (i.e. Prom). Be gracious to your seamstress, who is perfectly preparing your lovely gown!

If you need alterations and don’t know where to go, call Seneca’s Bridal and we will direct you to our favorite seamstress!

With Love

Amanda from Seneca’s Bridal