Tips to Emotions and Your Wedding Day

Let’s face it, sometimes we have unjustified emotional breakdowns. Like, not being able to decorate for Christmas in October, or running out of chocolate in the house (yikes!), or choosing what color napkins you want at your wedding reception.

Who am I kidding. They are totally justified.

I have to break some bummer news to you. You may have an emotional breakdown, between now and your wedding day.

I also have some really great new for you. THAT’S OK!

Sometimes having an emotional breakdown is a good way to deal with things that are bothering you. No, it may not be the most effective, and it may be a little messy. That’s why you have surrounded yourself with your lovely BFF’s as your bridesmaids & Maid of Honor.

Embrace your emotions in the healthiest way possible! If you are having a hard time with stress, anxiety, or frustration, talk to someone! You are loved, and you are aloud to feel things besides bliss and excitement.

Do what you need to do to figure out your emotions, write in a journal, or sing along with Adele for the day. Whatever you need to do, but don’t feel bad for having emotions, or needing to deal with them!

It’s great to talk with your Husband-to-be about your emotions, it can be a great bonding experience to explain to him what’s going on in your heart!

You are doing a great job planning your wedding! It’s going to be as beautiful as you are!