Trust us, we know dresses.

There are lots of websites out there that sell really cheap dresses. Like, really cheap! The picture looks amazing, it’s the color you wanted, they have your size, and it’s on sale. The website may have some of the following advertising.






These websites are so easy to find, and look so legit! If it seems to good to be true, in this case, it just may be. If you want your bridesmaids to wear $200 Allure dresses, and find them online for $47 with the previously mentioned advertising. It is too good to be true. We have heard horror story after horror story of brides finding the perfect dress online & ordering it…and guess what…what comes (if it ever comes) is not what the picture portrayed it to be. The same goes for prom dresses, we so often have girls come in the week before prom needing a dress because the one they ordered online didn’t work!

Fun Fact #1: I was once in a wedding in which the bride found our dresses on a smilier website. Each dress came in a different length.

Here are some reasons to buy your dress through a Bridal Boutique, whether you are buying your Prom dress, bridesmaid dress, or your wedding dress!

  1. We truly care about your shopping experience. We want you to enjoy trying on things that make you feel and look amazing. So, we are going to do all we can to ensure dress shopping is fun, not stressful.
  2. We care that you get the exact dress you want, and can talk directly to the companies to make sure that will happen!
  3. If for any reason, something goes wrong on our part. We will make it right!
  4. We take your measurements, so there is no guessing game to see if it will fit.
  5. Many places will offer a discount when both bride, and bridesmaids gowns are purchased in that store! Seneca’s Bridal offers 10% off bridesmaids dresses, when the Bride buys her’s here!

The truth is, these websites could potentially save you a lot of money, and that can make you and your bridesmaids happy. We just want to warn you of the risk! Everything could work out, or you could end up with the evil twin of what you wanted. It’s up to you!

We would love to invite you to Seneca’s Bridal, to try on dresses for your occasion! We have a larger variety or gorgeous gowns and friendly and helpful staff! We like to post our deals and special sales on our social media pages to keep everyone up to date! 

With love,

Amanda from Seneca’s Bridal // 570-278-4388