Relationship advice


Relationships are such wonderful, and messy things. They are fun, and stressful. They are always worth it! I have been married for just over 2 years, and these are some things I have realized have a big impact on my relationship with my husband. They may be the same for you, or totally different. I hope this encourages you to figure out what has the biggest impact in you relationship, and how you can use that for good!

1. Expectations

Expectations are such dangerous things. In and of themselves, they are not bad, but they can create a lot of pain and frustration. Expectations, as much as possible should be voiced in a healthy way to your spouse!

2. TV

“Netflix and chill” might be a funny innuendo of what’s really going on, but TV actually can have a strong impact on your relationship. In our house we have time limits on TV, otherwise we binge watch Parks and Recreation until 2 a.m. and are really really grumpy the next day. Then the awful cycle just continues! Decide with your spouse where you want boundaries on your TV watching, to make sure you spend “quality” time together! 

3. Finances

The Bible calls the love of money “the root of all evil”. That’s pretty intense, and it’s really true! I didn’t realize how much I loved money until I had to share it. Money is an excellent tool that can be used for so much good! It can also be a huge taboo subject in a marriage relationship. Make sure that you have open dialogue about finances and budgeting. It is also very important to have good spending habits, so you feel comfortable trusting each other!

4. Communication

This is key in any relationship! There are so many reasons you need to talk to each other! Communication, made it onto this list, because too much, or too little, can greatly hurt a relationship. My husband and I often laugh when we talk about our communication habits, because we always end up saying “I need to talk less, and you need to talk more!” It’s a hard balance, but a very important one. Nothing (within reason) should be off-limits to talk about.


With Love,

Amanda from Seneca’s Bridal