How to say "yes" to the dress


Often newly engaged women will walk into a bridal shop, and apologize for not knowing exactly what they want.

I’m here to tell you, it’s ok.

It’s all ok!

Most likely you didn’t wake up one morning and decide exactly everything about the man you would marry. You met, and took time to get to know each other. The same could be said for your relationship with your wedding dress!

Here are a couple things to keep in mind while shopping for the dress to which you will say “yes”

  1. Have an open mind! Try on something funky, or totally not your style. It could be really fun, and you may be surprised by what you like, or how it feels on you!
  2. Don’t bring 1,000 people to shop with you. Opinions are great, and it’s awesome to be surrounded by people who love you. You will want to be a little choosy on who gets to share this moment though. Bring people who will be lovingly honest, and willing to put their taste aside.
  3. Figure out what’s important to you. Is it comfort, style, color? That will greatly help when deciding!
  4. Always try on a veil! It’s difficult to totally wrap your head around the fact that you are getting married! You are a bride! It can be hard to picture it all. Trying on a veil can really help pull it all together, even if you plan to wear a different head piece.
  5. Say yes to the dress! You can drive yourself crazy looking at dresses online and in every bridal within 50 miles of you. It seems daunting picking a dress without looking at every other possible option. If you try on a dress, and you love it, just say “yes”!

At Seneca’s Bridal, we are determined to help you find the perfect dress. We believe that dresses are meant to be loved in, laughed in, and danced in! It is our passion to take away the stress of dress shopping, and give you the gift of endless smiles and happy tears!

With love,

Amanda from Seneca’s Bridal