Picking the Perfect D.J.!

Your wedding is a celebration, and with most celebrations, comes dancing. When you think about the type of celebration you are hoping for, it’s important to find a D.J. who will embody that!

Here are some things to consider when looking for a D.J.!

1. They should have a good selection of music. Obviously. Make sure they have the type of music you want to listen/dance to at your reception!

2. They should be a good M.C. since they will end up announcing some things. Make sure they are reliable and announce things on time without stressing you out!

3. They should respect your choice of music. When you are looking into a D.J. make sure they understand the feel you want for you wedding, and keep to that. If you want Frank Sinatra, you won’t want a Snoop Dog song sneaking into the mix.

4. They should be polite and cordial to all of your guests. If they are short with you, chances are when the stress is higher they could be rude to your guests, and you definitely want to avoid that!  

5. They should know how to have a good time, and be good at encouraging others to have a good time! I have been to weddings where the D.J. is desperately trying to get people onto the dance floor, and it’s so awkward. Pick someone who has a charismatic personality and a natural leader.

Once you have found the perfect D.J. for your wedding, do a little happy dance, because let’s be honest, any excuse to dance, is a good one!