20 Adorable Fall Date Ideas!


Fall is a cute season! There are so many fun way to enjoy fall together as a couple (or with friends). Here's a list of some simple, fun, & relatively cheap things to try!

1. Going for a walk and picking up pretty leaves

2. Having a pumpkin carving contest!

3. Go to a haunted house

4. Decorate the house together


5. Toast your own pumpkin seeds

6. Have a fall bonfire with friends

7. Go to a local school’s football game

8. Rake up piles of leaves to jump into

9. Go for a walk in a state park

10. Make homemade hot chocolate and sit by the fire

11. Ride bikes to a local farmers market

12. Go to a local festival

13. Bake an apple pie together

14. Make your own mini thanksgiving dinner for just the two of you

15. Have a picnic in the mountains  

16. Talk about all the things you are thankful for

17. Make a scarecrow out of some of your old clothes

18. Go shopping for canned good to give to a food bank

19. Eat Candy Corn!

20. Host a tailgating party with homemade chili! 

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