Unplugged Wedding or No?

So what's all the fuss about?

An Unplugged Wedding is when the Bride and Groom ask that social media, cell phones, and tablets, not be used during the ceremony and/or reception. 

But why? 

Well, there are various reasons a Bride/Groom would prefer that electronics are not used during their day. Let me share a few bits of perspective. 

1. They want to share their own photos. The newlyweds have spent time and money choosing their photographer, and will be excited for the perfect shot of their special day to be shared when they would like. Not that they wouldn't love the pictures you take, they just may want the chance to be the ones who share with friends and family who couldn't be there. 

2. Phones can get in the way. I have unfortunately seen pictures ruined unintentionally by guests trying to get their perfect picture.

3.  They want you to be present. Phones are great, but can sometimes be a distraction to guests. They aren’t trying to be rude, but in fact love you so much, they want to spend this time with you!


If you are thinking about having an unplugged wedding, do it! If you have been invited to an unplugged wedding look at it as the opportunity to fully enjoy the day!