Homecoming Makeup Tips

Hello Gorgeous! 

If you are planning on doing your own make up for your special Homecoming night, you are in the right place! I love make up, and I want to share a few tips with you! 

1. Pick the look! Are you going for a flirty romantic look, or a little more dark and mysterious.

2. Wash, lotion, prime. Take care of your face! Don't skip your nighttime/morning routine! 

3. Foundation. Pick a foundation that is good for your skin, and that matches your skin very well! Don't know which matches the best? Head into a nice store and ask for a color match! I am currently using Bare Minerals Liquid and I LOVE it! 

4. Bronzer. It doesn't take much bronzer to go a long way! Start small, and only put it in certain areas.

5. Blush. I personally like to start blush on the top on my cheek bone and close to my eyes, this will naturally draw more attention to your eyes!  

6. Eyes. When it comes to eyes, I like to say "Go big, or go home" for an event like homecoming you may want to be more dramatic. Start small, but build as much as you want! Finish with some fierce eye liner, and a couple coats of mascara! 

7. Brows. Just define them a bit with a nice brow pencil! Nothing too crazy! 

8. BLEND. BLEND. BLEND. You will not want to skip this step! This is the one that pulls it all together, and make it all look more natural. 

9. Don't worry. Watch some youtube videos, and practice. 

You are already beautiful, and we hope you have tons of fun with the art of makeup! 

With Love,

Amanda from Seneca's Bridal 

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