How to Plan a Marriage While Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is very time consuming, and also very fun!

Unfortunately it’s far too easy to lose sight of a marriage while planning for a wedding.

How can you prepare for a marriage that will last a lifetime, while planning a wedding that will only last one day?

Pre-Marital Counseling: This is so important! Find someone you trust, and whose marriage you admire to counselor you and your beloved in some things you may need to have prepared. Great people to ask are Pastors and older married couples. They can help you think about things like a budget for your finances, and how to communicate well!

Date Nights without wedding planning! Plan to spend at least one date a week together without talking about plans for the wedding. Obviously, your both crazy excited, so you will want to talk about the wedding. Try to veer away from making wedding planning choices while on your special date.

Make your decisions together: Figure out what’s important to each of you. It will mean a lot to your future husband that you take time to listen to and respect his ideas, and opinions!

It is so important to remember that you have chosen to love each other, regardless of how crazy life can become. Your wedding day will easily be one of the best days in your life. Everyday you get to wake up to the love of your life is a new best day ever! You will want to make sure you invest in your marriage while planning for your wedding! 

With Love,

Amanda from Seneca’s Bridal