How To Pick Your Bridesmaids

Picking people for a bridal party can be a daunting task for some.


Whether you have tons of BFF’s or just one or two, let’s talk about how to decide.


  1. They should be your friend. Now, this is an obvious one…clearly, you will not want to ask people to be in your bridal party if you don’t really know them, or are not friends with them.


  1. They should encourage you. Your wedding is going to be amazing! However, it has the possibility of being a little stressful. In stressful situations who do you want by your side? (I’m sure that Ryan Gosling would be a great bridesmaid, but, I’m sure your groom would find it awkward, so that’s not an option.) Seriously though, pick girls who are good under pressure, who will be encouraging when things feel like they are going wrong.


  1. They should love you. First of all, if you have friends that clearly don’t love you, maybe you shouldn’t be friends with them any more. When deciding which girls to have stand next to you on your big day, they should be girls who love you unconditionally. Even if you feel a bit of “Bridezilla” coming on, you should have confidence that she will love you and bring you some much needed chocolate.


  1. They should put you first. I’m not saying they need to worship the ground you walk on (of course, if they do, that’s fine) I’m saying that it’s YOUR day. They should know that, and respect it. I’m talking about the girl who doesn’t like anything the Bride picks, and is very vocal about her taste and what she would have preferred. Sure, we all have opinions and thoughts on things, but they don’t always need to be voiced. There are some things that are good to be voiced, such as modesty concerns, or extreme insecurities. As for preferences, pick bridesmaids who are willing to put them aside for you.


  1. They should support you. At three o’clock in the morning after you had a nightmare about married life, you should be able to call/text any one of your bridesmaids for some needed emotional support. They should support your first dance song from Beauty and the Beast, and they should support your choice to not have an open bar. Basically, they should support you, not necessarily always agree (see no.4).



Hopefully this has helped you see which of your friends are going to love, encourage and support you on your special day!