Find the Perfect Colors for Your Wedding!


There are so many gorgeous colors, and color combinations!

Blush Pink & Gold

Midnight Blue & Silver

Dusty Rose & Eucalyptus Green

Coral & Navy

Dark Purple & shades of white


Just to name a few of my favorites…


How in the world can you narrow it down to just a few colors in your scheme? Here are afew questions that may help get the creative juices flowing!


What’s your favorite color, or, one of your favorite colors? Pick a color that you look at and makes you feel something good. Like how we associate red with passion, yellow with cheeriness and orange with boldness.


What will your bridesmaid’s look good in? While this may not be the first thing you think about, it could be very helpful. You want your girls to feel and look great, so if a certain color washes out your bridesmaids, then you can rule that color out!


What dress do you want to wear? If your dress is full of lace, then maybe you will pick a bridesmaid dress with only touches of lace, and maybe that only looks good in certain colors.


What time of the year are you getting married? If you plan on taking any pictures outside, you will want to coordinate with Mother Nature herself!


What do you want to hang on your wall for the next 50 years? These pictures will be important to you! Think about timeless colors that will never go out of style.


Whatever you pick will be an expression of you, so it’s going to be perfect! We can’t wait to see how you pull everything together!


With Love,

Amanda, from Seneca’s Bridal


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