Avoiding the "Monster-in-law" Stereotype

Sometimes Mother-In-Law’s get a bad reputation. We know you mean well, and we know this may be an adjustment in your life. Here are some things that differentiate between a Mother-In-Law, and a Monster-In-Law.

What makes a Mother-In-Law?

1. Encouraging them to make their decisions together. You will never stop being a mom, and that is something that is so special! But once your child is married, they have to make their own decisions with their spouse. If your son/daughter keeps coming to you for advice after marriage, it’s ok to tell them to talk to their spouse first. Your daughter/son – in –law will really appreciate that!

2. Not competing to be number one. As a mom, you are the number one in your son’s life until the day he gets married, and makes his wife his number one. That is a wonderful thing! Can you remember getting married, and the feeling of knowing that you are his number one? Or maybe wishing you could have had that feeling. It’s amazing and so special. Give the gift of no competition.  

3. Treating your son/daughter’s spouse as your own son/daughter! Welcoming them into your family with open arms! I’m talking invites to game nights, out to dinner, and even on family vacation. You may not be part of their choices anymore, but you are still a big part of their life!

4. Encouragement in teachable moments. When you find out your daughter-in-law may actually be an awful cook, invite her over to show her how to make her husbands favorite meal growing up! Maybe don’t mention you think she can’t cook well.

5. Selflessness. Be willing to give the spotlight to your son/daughter-in-law. If your daughter has been interested in visiting a specific restaurant, pass that information to your son-in-law so that he can do something special for her!

We all make mistakes, and if for any reason you feel you may have leaned to the Monster-In-Law side of things, it’s not too late to make things right. Because at the end of the day, it’s important that the child you raised to be the man or woman they are today is happy. You have such a unique impact on their lives, and you can use it for so much love and encouragement! We wish you all the happiness with your wonderful family!