Liberia // Day Two

Day Two of my trip to Liberia was one that I'll always remember. One of those that's going to be forever engrained in my mind. It was Day 2 of the conference at the church & I got to have wonderful conversations with the pastor's wife & her daughters. I enjoyed getting to help them with preparing the meal for the attendees. There was nothing special about the day other than looking around & feeling the peace, knowing God was there & working in hearts. From my first trip,  I always said that Liberia was a place that you had to totally rely on God because of the uncertainty of things but also the place you felt the most at peace because of fully trusting God. 

The people of Liberia are a joy to be around & you can't help but smile when you're talking to them. They have so little but give all they have for the cause of spreading the Gospel. It's refreshing & humbling. 

The attendees of the conference were so sweet & genuine with us. I loved seeing Suzanne praying with one of the ladies afterwards & knowing that God had touched her heart. As Americans, we come into a missions trip with an agenda of what we want to accomplish & without fail--those plans don't go according to what we had wanted. But God is always doing things behind the scenes that make you smile when you see it all come together. 

Here are some of the photos from our day!

Confetti Photo Booth