Launch & TLC // Clarks Summit University

I had the opportunity to go as a leader down to the Launch Camp & Teen Leadership Conference for the teens at Bridgewater Church. I went to TLC for 3 years when I was in high school and enjoyed it so much! I really loved being there for the kids in youth group now! It was an amazing two weeks and so fun to be back down where I went to school, Clarks Summit University! The camps are focused on helping students learn how to be leaders for Christ and to help them grow their relationship with Christ deeper. They also emphasize on how being a Christ-follower can & should be FUN! The week is filled with games, dance parties, and tournaments! The theme for TLC this year was COMMUNITY and it was so good to hear how God created community for a reason and how it is vital for our lives.  

Here's some iPhone shots of my two weeks down at Summit!