Fake Flowers vs. Real Flowers // With Love, Amanda from Seneca's Bridal

So, what’s the deal with wedding floral arrangements?

There are seriously so many options including the choice between real, and fake flowers. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, or which flowers to choose for you wedding. But, I do want to help you make an educated deiscion. So I have created a list of pro’s and con’s to each! Enjoy!!

Real Flowers


  • Smell pretty
  • They are real
  • They are gorgeously unique from each other
  • They create beautiful photo opportunities
  • They make a statement


  • They will wilt
  • They may attract bugs
  • They have more of a tendency to fall apart throughout the day

Fake Flowers


  • They never die
  • Some look real
  • Beautiful colors
  • Inexpensive
  • They travel well
  • They can be made well in advance


  • They are fake
  • Possibility of looking cheap

I have personally seen many gorgeous real & fake bouquets! The most important thing is to know what is important to you. If you want real flowers, then, it will be worth it to spend the money for sure! I hope these pro’s and con’s helped you narrow down what you are hoping to include in your wedding. I’m sure that whatever you choose will be beautiful!

With Love,

Amanda from Seneca’s Bridal

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