21st Birthday!

Today's my 21st birthday!  I'm extremely blessed and thank God daily for the life He has given me. The first 21 years have been beyond good and I'm pretty excited to see what's in store for this year! 

Here's 21 things you might not know about me: 

1. Well the obvious, I'm 21...everyone thinks I'm so much older and I'm not very vocal about my age. I started my business when I was 14 and tried to hide the fact that I was young when I first started. 

2. I'd rather eat the cookie dough instead of the actual cookies. 

3. Hockey is my favorite sport, I grew up going to Binghamton Senators games with my grandparents. I enjoy trying to play pond hockey with our friends, but I usually end up hurt so I stick to watching for the most part. 

4. My guilty pleasure is getting gel manicures. I hate to spend the money on them because it seems so silly but it makes me feel pretty & put together so I treat myself to them often. 

5. I'm the oldest of 10 kids in our family. It makes for a crazy house sometimes but I wouldn't want it any other way. They are my best friends! 

6. I'm the most productive when working from home, whether that's in bed or on the couch. And I'm pretty lucky for a job that allows that sometimes! 

7. If I wasn't a photographer, I'd want to be a florist... I love fresh flowers! I am always stopping into our local flower shop, The Lily Pad, to get flowers. Peonies are my favorite flower! 

8. I love giving random gifts to my friends and family! It's my favorite to drop off cookies or flowers for a friend or bring home a cute new outfit for one of my little sisters. 

9. Hallmark Movies & Romantic Comedies are my favorite to watch. The cheesier the better. 

10. I can't sing and I have horrible memory when it comes to songs/music. 

11. I would choose a dress over jeans any day. Preferably a summer dress with flip-flops! 

12. I dream of the day I get to become a wife & mother. Seriously, cannot wait!! 

13. I enjoy traveling...current places on my bucket list are Italy, Ireland, Hawaii, Alaska, and exploring more of the west coast of America. 

14. I should have been born in the South...I love all the Southern traditions, the sipping tea on front porches, the huge old homes, & Southern accents. I imagine living in one of Nicholas Spark's movie sets! ;) 

15. I need sleep or I become super grumpy. A "good night's sleep" is a minimum of 10 hours. (it doesn't happen often anymore but man is it nice when it does!)

16. Cooking. Just...not my forte. I can burn just about anything...I'm working on it though! 

17. I was homeschooled from sixth grade till graduation. I didn't like it too much at first but quickly realized it was the best because I got to do cool things like start a photography business ;) 

18. My best ideas come to me when I'm at the very last details and end of my previous project. You know those moments of being completely exhausted yet in awe that everything came together? Those highs are when I get crazy ideas, jump head first in, only to realize in a few days that it probably wasn't the best timing. But hey, it works! 

19. I bought a bridal boutique the week I graduated high school with not prior retail experience...it was crazy (& still is!) but has taught me so much. 

20. I'm not athletic at all, I end up hurt most times I try to play a sport so I usually just cheer from the sidelines. I was the kid who would purposely not wear sneakers on gym day in elementary school just so I could sit with Mrs. Kimsey & talk with her instead of playing the game. 

21. I have an insane collection of mugs, because I'm absolutely obsessed with them, but I hate coffee. They literally just sit on my desk looking beautiful until I'm ready to put a sprinkled donut or peonies in them for an Instagram. Keepin it real.

My plan is to spend my day curled up at home by the fire,  play some games with my family, and of course have tacos for dinner! 

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