Alex & Lily Engaged

Alex & Lily’s engagement session was an all day adventure & I’m so glad we were able to do it together. I’ve been friends with Alex (& his twin Rachel) since 9th grade and even though they moved 8 hours away for college, we still stay in touch and get together while they are home on break. 

This is their love story: First week of freshman year at Liberty University, Rachel’s roommate went home, leaving her with no roommate or friend to explore the new campus with. One day she went into her RA’s room a couple doors down and met Lily, a girl who lived on the next floor and they started going to breakfast & all the freshman activities together. Within a couple of weeks, Lily was able to move in to become Rachel’s new roommate. I heard a lot about Lily from Rachel within those first few months and was so thankful she had a friend down there at school. Alex was around and friends with Lily those first few months but nothing else. For Christmas that year, Alex & Rachel got Lily concert tickets to go see Florida Georgia Line with them. The night of the concert was the first time Alex “noticed” her and started to have a little crush. 

I remember around that time, all of a sudden the crazy teenage boy who I was friends with, started to be different. Granted I was 8 hours away but I started noticing different things when we talked and could tell something was going on. The weeks following the concert, Alex & Lily started doing homework together…without Rachel. I think I got some snapchats of that and started connecting the dots, but when I asked, Alex denied it. After 2 months of hanging out as friends, he finally asked her out on a date as they walked back from the library. She said yes and their first date was in a Virginia snowstorm, to Texas Roadhouse and a hockey game. A week later he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said no. But one thing about Alex is that he is persistent about what he wants, and he kept trying. Finally after asking her over & over, when he showed up with a bouquet of flowers at her dorm room, she agreed. 

And now, nearly 2 years later, they’re engaged! Alex & I share the love of photography/video and about 2 months ago, he told me he was going to propose, I of course sent back a very excited "WHAT!!!" and asked for details.  His mom & I both asked (more so threatened him if we're being honest) to send pictures ASAP because we'd be anxiously awaiting.  I cried when he sent photos & I saw how perfect it was! And then I cried again watching their proposal video... Watch it here!

They are one of those couples who you feel like has been together forever. They are so easygoing and sweet together. It's a special thing to get to watch one of your best friends grow up & be so happy with someone. They spent the whole engagement session being all cute together & lots & lots of kissing! 

Alex & Lily, congratulations!! Thanks for letting me be a part of this special time in your lives, can't wait to see what God has in store for you next! Love you guys!

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