Mr. & Mrs. Hall // Clarks Summit, PA Wedding

Melissa and Dave’s wedding was the perfect way to end our 2016 wedding season! It was a relaxed celebration of these two becoming husband & wife and it was a beautiful illustration of how God honors those who keep His commandments. The weekend started with the forecast of a major snow storm but it ended up being only a few inches and it made for a beautiful backdrop for photos! 

Hunter & I arrived at Steamtown Church to start photographing as they got ready, the girls in the basement and the guys in the upstairs loft. The girls room was filled with hair & makeup and the guys were just chilling while eating pizza. It’s always funny to see the difference in how the guys & girls are, the girls are usually buzzing around with excited voices whereas the guys are usually hanging out on a coach cracking jokes with no worry that they should be getting ready. 

Dave teared up as he saw his bride walking down the aisle toward him and soon they were announced as husband and wife! After greeting everyone, we did some family formals and bridal party photos before heading to Glen Oak Country Club in Clarks Summit for the reception. 

As we were doing some bridal portraits at Glen Oak Club, out walks the groom with a bag of cheetos in his hand…so then they shared some cheetos as a little break. How adorable can they be?! 

The reception was filled with tearful toasts from Dad, best friend, and brother and then lots of dancing the night away! They also had a caricature artist which was a huge hit! 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hall, so honored to have been able to spend your special day with you!